Statement from Congressman Joseph Cao (R-LA) at Capitol Hill Information Session

“I am just here to show my support to the Shen Yun Performing Arts. I believe that with respect to the human rights issues in China, everyone of us must know that the Chinese government is one of the most outrageous violators of human rights. And again they are not allowing the Shen Yun Performing Arts to go in to China to perform there. It is just another indication of how the Chinese government are trying to suppress any kind of expression that will challenge their right to supremacy, their right to govern their people with a totalitarian grip and as a representative of the most powerful democracy in the world I believe that the actions of the Chinese government  is something that we have to challenge.  I just came back from a tour of SE Asia, I visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and also Japan. And while I was there I learned about some of China’s influence in the region, again using its strong arm tactics in the region and again that is something that the international community should speak out against. Because we are living in a 21st century world in which global dialogue is the position that we should espouse for.   A push for democracy, a push for basic human rights. Not only is China flexing its muscles with respect to small agencies like Shen Yun, but also they are flexing their muscles against smaller countries, such as countries in SE Asia. I believe it is time that not only a U.S. congressman speak out about the actions of China, but the international community must speak out against the actions of China, and I hope we will do so and do so in a very strong way.  I am just here to support your cause and your actions and I hope that the Chinese government will change its position and grant you the visa you need.”

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