Moldova’s JURNAL TV – “Chinese culture forbidden?”

25 May 2010

Watch report (in Romanian, translated transcript below)

Report transcript:


Shen Yun show scheduled for May 25 and 26 may not take place. Many people who bought tickets for the show organized a peaceful protest in front of the Government building. They say that this interdiction come from the China embassy in Chisinau, who warned the administration of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet not to present the show.


We bought tickets for the Shen Yun show that should have taken place at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, on 25 and 26 May. But out of unknown reasons we found out today that they want to cancel the show.


We are protesting here in front of the Government to support Shen Yun show. Under the pressure of the Chinese embassy there is the attempt to cancel the show.


The president of the Falun Dafa Association in Chisinau, Tatiana Chiriac, who is in charge with organizing the show is indignant of the behavior of the authorities in Chisinau. She mentioned that 60% of the tickets were sold.


Regretfully I reached the conclusion that I don’t understand what is the change in the Republic of Moldova? Do we go from a Moldovan communist regime to a Chinese communist regime? What is the change? From a regime to another? I am very disappointed.


The director of the Theatre, Valeria Seican, says that the Theatre of Opera and Ballet displays only good performances, with artistic value. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture, Boris Focsa, says that it’s not within the Ministry competence to deal with organizing such events.


(By telephone: Valeria Seican)  “First of all I want to say that the Theatre has the responsibility for the basic activity, which are shows of a high artistic value for us.”


(By telephone: Boris Focsa) “The Theatre of Opera is an economic agent. It has full rights to take decisions. We do not get involved, in fact the Ministry of Culture has no right to involve.”


Shen Yun show is organized by the company Shen Yun Performing Arts from New York. The program includes almost 20 dances and songs that evoke the traditions of the legendary history of China.

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