Sound Familiar? London Theater Cancels Tibetan Show

According to a report in the London Guardian, the Royal Court Theatre canceled its production of Pah-La, a production about the stories of Tibetans in Dharmsala. Although the theater claimed the cancellation was due to financial reasons, it turns out the British Council had told the theater to stop the production because it jeopardized British-Chinese projects. Following the exposure, the theater issued a formal apology and announced its plans to put the play back on in 2019.

A report in Freedom House’s China Media Bulletin (official website) makes the obvious connection:

“Such efforts by Beijing to stifle theatrical productions it deems objectionable are not uncommon, as indicated by dozens of instances of pressure surrounding Shen Yun, a New York–based classical Chinese dance show that tours internationally and includes pieces related to the persecution of Falun Gong and historical events like the Cultural Revolution.”

The Guardian: Royal Court dropped Tibet play after advice from British Council

China Media Bulletin: UK theater hid reasons for pulling Tibet play

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