Chinese Embassy in Mexico Gone Loco, But Theaters Not Pollo

With Shen Yun getting ready to perform in five cities in Mexico, the Chinese Embassy in Mexico made a last-ditch effort to cancel the shows or at least limit attendance from VIPs.

The Embassy contacted via Instagram the office of the Mayor of Queretaro, following up with email as well. On May 5, a letter was stamped and sent to the municipality of Queretaro, signed by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (a copy of the letter is on file and available upon request). It is believed to have been sent to other cities in Mexico as well.

The letters’ contents were very similar to previous PRC letters around the world, calling upon the mayor’s office to use measures to block Shen Yun from performing in the city, so as to not “undermine China-Mexico friendly relations.”

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, the next stop on Shen Yun’s Mexico tour, the Auditorio Nacional, received a phone call from the Chinese Embassy asking them to cancel the show. The theater refused.

And then the mayor of San Luis Potosi, where Shen Yun was headed next, received an email from the Chinese Embassy asking the city not to promote the Shen Yun performances. All performances took place as scheduled.

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