South Korea Update

Despite the CCP’s interference last year, Shen Yun was able to perform in South Korea, including sold-out shows at the National Theater of Korea. But when local presenters began approaching theaters this year for the 2024 season, they again ran into serious difficulties, receiving rejections in 13 cities, including theaters that had happily hosted Shen Yun in the past.

Local news outlet Chosun Monthly published a long article in August, interviewing local officials and theater managers who relayed the pressure they had received from Chinese diplomats.

Multiple US lawmakers have raised concerns about the CCP’s pressures and the prospects of Shen Yun being effectively barred from performing in South Korea, with some writing letters to the country’s ambassador and president. California Rep. Michelle Steel, a Korean American, wrote to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol:

“I am alarmed to hear that there are attempts by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to exert influence to prevent the performances [of Shen Yun] in the Republic of Korea. This saddens me and I hope we can work on a solution to showcase classical Chinese culture… I have also had the pleasure of attending one of their performances in California and found the virtues represented throughout the show about the universal values that connect us all inspiring. The Republic of Korea, as a free and democratic nation, has been one of the United States’ most important allies in promoting mankind’s shared values. I sincerely request your help to prevent the CCP from suppressing Shen Yun.”


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Op-ed by Congresswoman Steel.

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